Are all the products on the website on display in your showroom?

We have a large selection of product availabe in our showroom however we do not have room to display everything that is shown on the website. To be certain a particual item is here to view please contact us first and we will be happy to check for you.

Will my order be difficult to setup?

All our products come with easy to follow setup instructions including our clocks. If you have any trouble while setting up your order we are only a phone call away.

What is the difference between a mechanical clock and a quartz clock?

A mechanical clock has the German made movement that needs to be wound every 8 days. A quartz movement clock is powered by batteries. Mechanical movements have the old, authentic sound to them however the quartz chiming clocks have come a long way over the past years and also have a high quality sound.

How often will I need to wind my mechanical clock?

All of our mechanical clocks feature the German made movements and will need to be wound every 8 days. Most of our customers get into the habit of winding them once a week. 

Are we able to have our order gift wrapped?

As long as you are picking your order up at our store we are able to gift wrap most items. If your order is being shipped we are not able to offer this service.