Are plans or kits available for all of the clocks on your website?

Besides our own clocks we also sell for other manufactures. These manufactures do not sell the plans or any of there product in kit form. Only the clocks you see under the Clock Kit section are available as kits. 

Should I buy the kit or build the clock from scratch?

When it comes to building clocks, Colonial Times provides its customers with the widest array of choices:

  • Build from a kit - You can choose to buy a complete kit which contains everything you need, including all the wood parts, hardware, and glass. All the parts are there; all you need to supply is the glue, sandpaper and stain. You will also need some basic tools such as clamps. You don't need any special woodworking skills or tools to assemble one of our kits. We do the difficult work for you. All that is required is a fine hand sanding, assembly with common tools and staining the clock to your taste.
  • Build from scratch - You can also buy the plans and build your Colonial Times clock from scratch. The plans come in three parts:


1. Full-scale drawings for the hard-to-make parts
2. Component plans with detailed drawings of each part

3. Assembly instructions showing how all the parts fit together

We supply a hardware package as well as a glass package for each clock - and that saves you hours of time sourcing the parts! If you choose to build from scratch, our plans are very detailed and easy to work from, but we do recommend that you have advanced woodworking skills for this option. You will also need a good variety of tooling and equipment. If you choose to build it from scratch and come across some parts you are unable to make, we can supply those for you.

So which option is right for you? Consider how much time you are willing to commit to the project. Also, think about your woodworking skills and experience. Whatever option you choose, you will end up with a masterpiece that you can be proud of new and in the future.

Should I build the clock first and then purchase the movement package?

Either way is fine, the only advantage of buying everything together is the savings in shipping costs to you.

Is there a help line if I have questions while making the clock?

If you run into problems while making the clock, our staff members are only a phone call or email away. You may also contact us through our live chat. We are happy to help you with any questions you may have.

How often will my clock need to be wound?

All of our mechanical clock movements are made in Germany, by Hermle, and are 8-day movements. Most of our customers get into the habit of winding the clock once a week.

Can we purchase Colonial Times kits already assembled and stained?

Yes, any of our kits can be purchased as a finished clock. The kits are assembled and finished in our factory. We have standard colors, or we offer a custom color if you prefer. Please contact us for pricing and further details.